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    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Consistory of Cardinals 2006 Megapost

    March (consistory) Madness is upon us! This roundup will continue to be updated throughout the weekend. To start, vote now in our reader poll:
    (then discuss why in the comments box below)

    View a slideshow of images (our recent highlights: day two, day three)

    Watching the Consistory on the internet: Vatican Telivision / EWTN / Boston Catholic Telivision (coverage begins at approx. 4am eastern time tonight and tomorrow)

    Day 4:

    Consistory photo highlights: the last day

    More photos can be found at Catholic Press Photo.

    Some blogosphere links:

    In personal news, the convocation ended wonderfully, very beneficial, much to reflect on...

    Day 3

    11:40 PM EST: End of the Day round-up:

    Almost too many news stories to cover (over 1000 news stories covered the event, about 250+ new photos to sift through...), but hey, let's take a stab at it (photo highlights are here):

    In personal news, the first day of the convocation I'm attending went marvelously well - we had our keynote speech delvered by Richard John Neuhaus plus (taped) talks by Avery Cardinal Dulles and Francis Cardinal George on topics related to the New Evangelization... now I need to grab a quick 40 winks and get ready for tomorrow's sessions!

    Also, thanks to all the "uberbloggers" who responded to my invitation and linked to this megapost - I believe that since the elevation of new cardinals is a celebratory event for the universal Church that this reality should be reflected in our "online presence" as well. In practical terms, reading about the event in the news, looking at photos, watching vidoes, voting in polls, as well as discussing the event in St. Blogs are all ways we can live and share that joy even online! Thanks be to God for our new Cardinals, ad multos annos, ad majorem Dei gloriam!

    10:30 AM EST: Habemus Cardinals!

    12:30 AM EST: Watching the VTN, dawn is breaking in Rome as I write this. Weather looks fine so far (if a bit cloudy)...

    Day 2

    More articles covering the consistory:
    College of Cardinals: an Overview - Zenit
    What the Consistory Consists Of - Zenit
    With 15 New Cardinals, Tailors Seeing Red - AP
    Pope installs first group of new cardinals - Rueters
    The Pope's New Cardinals - Time magazine

    "Hong Kong's cardinal-designate Joseph Zen suggested Thursday the Vatican might be willing to compromise on the biggest obstacle to its tense relations with Beijing -- the question of who should appoint bishops in China." [read full article] [h/t: Amy Welborn] - investiture controversy, anyone?

    "More than 300 Chinese Catholics from around the world, including 100 mainland China clergy and nuns studying in Rome, are gathering at the Vatican to witness the creation of the sixth Chinese cardinal." [More]

    Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos: "The Church is waiting with open arms" for the restoration of full communion with the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X." [source]

    "As the Pope called the gathering not so much to speak to his cardinals as to hear them out, he likely kept his own words to a minimum during the intervention period" ... "However, no topic is off-limits as the cardinals have been encouraged to bring their own questions and concerns before the gathering." - Rocco

    Four topics are being discussed today (at least): The Catholic Church and Islam, possible reunification with the SSPX, duties of post-retirement age bishops (and extending retirement age to 80), as well as the preparation and use of liturgical tests (including the possibility of free use of the latin missal!)

    Other news & articles:

    Day 1

    Websites that you should also hang around this week:

    News highlights and coverage:

    The College of Cardinals: Pictures, Resources, Etc:

    While my time these next few days is going to be split between blogging and attending the Convocation for the New Evangelization, I will be doing my utmost to keep track of the best articles, news stories and pictures coming out of consistory week 2006. So find something to drink, pull up a chair and stay tuned! It should be a great week.

    Please send any additions/corrections to: thomas [at]


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