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    AmP Countdown: Time left to demand that Congress make health care reform pro-life: 2009-11-07 18:00:00 GMT-05:00

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Videos: Jim Caviezel in TV ad opposing Michael J. Fox's support of Amendment 2

    Remember the Michael J. Fox TV ad in support of Missouri's (pro-cloning) Amendment 2?

    I blogged about Amendment 2 earlier and why it should be opposed.

    Here is the pro-Amendment 2 TV ad with Michael J. Fox:

    Well, Jim Caviezal (of the Passion of the Christ) and Cardinal's pitcher Jeff Suppan (who will pitch in Game 4 of the world series) as well as other notables have put together this (hastily-shot and edited) ad in response:

    I'm trying to find a souce to tell me what Caviezel says in the beginning of the ad, though I presume he is speaking in Aramaic, in which case it is interesting that the producers would ask Caviezel to use a language that will instantly associate him in people's minds with his recent role as Christ in Mel Gibson's movie [edit: see below for translation].

    The ad will run tomorrow night during the world series. I asked for a miracle ... well, this is in the ballpark (what a fortunate time for a local world baseball series with millions of residents tuning in!).

    Update: The video is probably sponsored by the Life Communications Fund, which seems to be closely associated with the Missouri Roundtable for Life.

    Update 2: Caviezal is saying "The Son of Man with a Kiss" in Aramaic. Click here for my comments.

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