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    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Breaking: Blasphemous "Sisters" given space in Church's bulletin today!

    This is utterly beyond the pale.

    ADMG has discovered that today's bulletin at Most Holy Redeemer parish published an email from one of the very same blasphemous "Sisters" (pictured below) who were videotaped receiving communion from Archbishop Niederauer:

    To All the Folks at Most Holy Redeemer,

    Just a quick note to recognize the wonderful Mass yesterday at your Church to welcome Archbishop Niederauer. Your entire congregation was so welcoming and it was great to be able to participate in the Mass. The service was absolutely beautiful and I know that I personally walked away very inspired by both the Archbishop’s message and the angelic voices of your choir ringing in my ears! Amazing!

    Afterwards, one of the parishioners offered us a blue “MHRC: An Inclusive Catholic Church” pin that I was proud to wear through the Castro Fair. You are a wonderfully inclusive Church!

    Best Regards, Delta (Goodhand)

    Let's get this clear: On the very same day that the Archbishop published these words....

    The manner of dress and public comportment of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is deeply offensive to women religious and to the witness of holiness and Christian service that women religious have offered to the Church and to the world for centuries.

    Someone who dresses in a mock religious habit to attend Mass does so to make a point. If people dress in a manner clearly intended to mock what we hold sacred, they place themselves in an objective situation in which it is not appropriate for them to receive Holy Communion, much less for a minister of the Church to give the Sacrament to them.

    Therefore I conclude that the presence of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Mass on October 7th was intended as a provocative gesture.

    .... the Pastor of Most Holy Redeemer Parish, Fr. Steve Meriwether, publishes a letter from one of the offending transvestite individuals!

    It's hard for me to decide if this decision represents stupidity or arrogance on the part of MHR.

    Consider: The Pastor of MHR parish must know what an outcry the action of the blasphemous "sisters" has caused from Catholics across the country. I'm sure the website traffic alone to the parish website has increased ten-fold in the last week. Moreover, dozens (if not hundreds or more) of people have surely contacted the parish office to voice their complaints.

    It is in this atmosphere that the MHR bulletin was published with the above text emailed by one of the offending sisters. The transvestite individual even used the assumed name he took on as a blasphemous "sister." The responsibility for the publication of this letter I believe rests with the pastor ultimately, especially since he appears to be the only priest in residence.

    I'm not even going to argue that it is gravely inappropriate to publish this text in the bulletin of a Catholic parish. I don't have to: my task has been made much simpler and more direct by Abp. Niederauer's apology.


    Those responsible for the publication of this letter are guilty of providing a public forum for an individual named by the Archbishop as having "made a practice of mocking the Catholic Church in general and religious women in particular", of being "deeply offensive" and who have "mock[ed] what we hold sacred" and who have "place[d] themselves in an objective situation in which it is not appropriate for them to receive Holy Communion."

    Therefore, because Abp. Niederauer has stated that it is "not appropriate ... for a minister of the Church to give the Sacrament to them [the Sisters]" so also it is completely inappropriate for an employee or Pastor of MHR parish to published an email from one of the "sisters" without any clarification, critique or disclaimer.

    At minimum, the pastor should publish a retraction and apology as soon as possible. Get the word out.

    Update: Deacon Keith Fournier, Editor-in-Chief for Catholic Online, has some clear words to say about these events. He especially notes that the Archbishop's action constituted a scandal in the fullest sense of the term and calls on the US hierarchy to take this debacle as an opportunity to seriously examine its guidelines for the distribution of the Eucharist to those who mock the Church and are manifestly unworthy to receive Communion.

    Update 2: Insight Scoop has a roundup of related coverage.

    CWNews now covers this story here.

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