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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Archbishop Myer's Sci-Fi novel "Space Vulture" released

    I hope you've had your morning coffee.

    As I mentioned way back in early 2007, Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark has been working on a sci-fi novel (or more accurately, "space opera") in his spare time called Space Vulture. He co-wrote it with his friend, Gary K. Wolfe, who is also the creator of Roger Rabbit....

    No, I'm not kidding. See for yourself....

    And read for yourself, if you feel so inclined:

    The product description:

    After a lifetime of friendship, two small-town boys who grew to have very different lives and careers have teamed up to travel back in time and conquer the universe. Determined to recapture the science fiction of their youth-not as it was, but as it should have been-Gary K. Wolf, the creator of Roger Rabbit, and his best friend, John J. Myers, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, now transport readers to the far reaches of the galaxy. There, the mere mention of the pirate known as Space Vulture strikes fear into every heart. A hardworking colonist's only hope is that the dauntless lawman, Marshal Victor Corsaire, will rocket to the rescue. Come along for the ride and discover all the adventure, suspense, wonder, and fun that Wolf and Myers first found in science fiction fifty years ago, and now share with everyone in this rollicking tale of the spaceways.

    (Someone should tell the Sci-Fi Catholic to pen a review for us.)

    There is an entire website devoted to the book and its authors:

    Rocco posted on this story when it first was made public, and over the weekend.

    Jeff Diamant conducted an extended interview with Abp. Myers. The accompanying photo to the story?

    Yes - it's real, too.

    I really wonder if this is how an archbishop should spend his time .... Diogenes sure doesn't think so.

    Anyone have a counter-point to add?

    update - I really can't help but wonder how Space Vulture would do against Prince of Space?

    update 2 - CNA reports.

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