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    Saturday, January 31, 2009

    Text: Internal LC update

    Text of a letter sent out by a Legionaries of Christ school principle on Febuary 4th, 2009.
    Personal information has been removed. Please leave comments here.

    Dear [School] Families,

    I wanted to provide you with some important information about Father
    Marciel Maciel, the founder of the Legion of Christ, that is
    circulating publicly. Knowing that the information coming through the
    media will range from fact-based to speculative, we wanted to get
    something out to you quickly so you are aware of the information as it
    has come to us through the most appropriate source, and put you in the
    best position to counsel your child(ren) should they inquire.

    As many of you likely recall, back in 2006 prior to his resignation as
    the Legion General Director in 2005, and his death one year ago, the
    Vatican embarked on an investigation in response to allegations made
    against Father Maciel. At the conclusion of the investigation, the
    Holy See sent a communiqué directing him to a life of prayer and

    Upon embarking on its own internal inquiry, the Legion has
    acknowledged actions "that were not appropriate for a Catholic
    priest." As a result of these conclusions, the Legion and its
    leadership have been working hard over the last months informing the
    appropriate constituents, beginning within the Vatican, the Legion,
    and as of the last few days, its Apostolates (schools, Regnum Christi,
    etc.) and the Archdiocese.

    This is sad and disturbing news for everyone, and I am sure even more
    so for those who were closest to Father Maciel, particularly our
    priests, brothers, and consecrated. But what we are reminding
    ourselves here at the school is that the Legion, Regnum Christi, and
    its apostolates (i.e. the school) are a work of God and they belong to
    the Church, not to any one individual. We know what a gift we have
    here (and what a gift our religious personnel are!) and any success
    we've had or will achieve comes only through our fidelity to Christ,
    His Church, and our common mission. So despite this news, we are
    committed more than ever to continue our work and overcome any
    challenge that might get in the way of God's will for our school, its
    students and our families.

    Our team is here and ready for any personal attention you or your
    student(s) need regarding this matter.

    God bless.



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