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    AmP Countdown: Time left to demand that Congress make health care reform pro-life: 2009-11-07 18:00:00 GMT-05:00

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    AmP predicts Carlson for St. Louis ... now here's what you need to know about him

    In March I began receiving reliable reports that Bishop Robert Carlson of Saginaw MI would be the next Archbishop of St. Louis, filling the vacancy left by the mighty Archbishop Raymond Burke, so much so that I said:
    "I'm also seeing a particular name rise to the surface in these various reports - which would be extremely exciting for me and good for the Catholic Church in America if he proves to be the one."
    Perhaps the appointment was postponed to allow Archbishop Dolan the limelight, and conversely, so that New York would not overshadow the importance of the St. Louis vacancy being filled. Regardless, last night I called Bishop Carlson for St. Louis at about 6PM.
    I have some measure of personal experience with Bishop Carlson and here's what you should know:
    Bp. Carlson is already a legend among Catholics in Michigan, for the following reasons.
    He is a vocations magnet and cultivator par excellance, creating a culture of vocations in his diocese and supporting his candidates through their formation and education. Before he came to the diocese it had not had a vocation for four years. In the past two years Bp. Carlson has ordained eight men and there are more than 20 currently in formation.
    He is a passionate defender of life, personally hopping on the bus with the young people of his diocese to attend the March for Life in DC whenever he is able. He will not shy away from speaking out in defense of life - that's a promise.
    His episcopal motto is "Ante crucem nihil defensionis," or "Before the cross there is no defense" - I think that says a lot about how he views his episcopal ministry.
    I have heard he enjoys a particularly close relationship with Pope Benedict. In 2006 when Carlson was in Rome and Pope Benedict heard about it - the pope cleared his schedule and sent a message to Carlson saying that he wanted to meet with him.
    In 2003 Bp. Carlson told Tom Daschle he could no longer call himself Catholic, when he was his bishop.
    He moves quickly: look at this seminarian post detailing his second year accomplishments in Saginaw.
    He called a Eucharistic Congress in 2007 and has gradually been re-establishing sound liturgical practice in his formerly-liberal diocese of Saginaw.
    He started a house of formation in the diocese of Saginaw so that it would not have to be farmed out. He has written four pastoral letters and four other documents. He has founded an order in Columbia which is very close to his heart. He chairs the well-regarded Institute for Priestly Formation.
    This interview with Bp. Carlson presents his comments on his 2006 meeting with the pope, and gives a decent glimpse of his pastoral style. This story published just today also should prove useful.

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